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Hello Sue,
Our brand new drying coat arrived yesterday, and it fits perfectly.

I have to say, that as an architect I really appreciate the good design and careful finishing of your drying coat

Best wishes,
Miia Ajo


Hi Sue,
Things have been absolutely hectic around here with puppies going to their new homes or I would have written to you sooner.
I am absolutely thrilled with the drying coats you made for me!!!

I finally had a chance to give the leopard one a try yesterday
and it really did the trick even on a fully coated tricolor. You may consider me a delighted convert to your drying coats:-))

Many thanks!!


We are thrilled with the coat. The difference in her coat is wonderful. We sent you an after picture yesterday so hope you got it. Hinsa loved her coat on. Being only 12 months old we thought she might fight it but she loved it. I think she liked the feel of it. We wanted to let you know that she took Best of Opposite Sex both days going over a special. Thank you for the wonderful coat.
Peggy Bebeau & Hinsa


Hi Sue,
I was talking with Kerry Upton tonight (from Australia) and she told me about your wonderful coats that she has just received from you..

I would like to order 2, for my 2 male Golden Retrievers. One boy is 26 ½ “ and the other 27 ½” long, so I was thinking the Large size for both. I would like one Green Swirl 1, and one Black with Multi Stars if they are available.

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Magazine Review
Royal Spaniels Fall 2010


Hello Sue,

Thank you so much for your donation of a drying coat. I was the chair person for the auctions for the Bay Area Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club at our recent Specialty in Pleasanton . I also was the lucky winner of your coat at our ring side silent auction. I was actually showing my Champion during the breed competition when they gave last call. The bitches were out of the ring which just gave me enough time to lean over the table and put my name down one more time.

I have bought 3 other drying coats during the past few months and have been dissatisfied with them. Yours has proven to be the exact coat my Cavaliers needed. I was having a problem with the dogs wearing the coats while I was bathing other dogs and sometimes, they decided that was the perfect moment to relieve themselves. Unfortunately, that lead to another bath as poop was all over their back end from the tight fit of the other drying coats. I had even opened up the seam to allow more room. Your great coat does not have that problem and the dogs are happy to wear it, not rubbing all over the floor.

It has been difficult to find stretchy coats for that little bit of control I need following a show coat bath. I gave my Champion one last bath Monday morning, the last of the 5 day series of shows. She took the major with a Select Bitch win and completed her Grand Championship that day. We could not have done that without beautiful grooming, the competition was fierce. It was her prettiest day.


Cherry Roberts
Wyldtree Cavaliers


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