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Show Dog Drying Coats

Drying Coats provide superior fit, eliminates hair problems and fastens safely and securely. A must for your show dog.

Your dog's hair will be smooth, shiny, and clean before class while eliminating excess fluff and wavy curls. No seam lines will mar their coat as your dog finishes drying. It can also be used as a cooling jacket.




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NEW! Gifts for Dog Lovers.

Plasma Cam cut with handmade Leash Holders includes cut out of Breed of dog and Name if requested.

Kennel signs includes kennel name and up to 5 hooks to hang ribbons or leashes.

Custom made.


The Choice of Champions
Recommended by:
Golden Retriever Exhibitors

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Champions Savannah Sue's Drying Coats


Champions Savannah Sue's Drying Coats